We are certified against EN 1090-1, and ISO 3834-2

AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet

Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB

AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet and Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB are part of the same company group. Bröderna Jansson was founded 1959 and Lönneberga Mekaniska verkstad dates back to 1947.

Bröderna Jansson and LMV are complete mechanical workshops ready to handle everything from steelconstructions, subcontracting, industrial and building construction, multi-storey building framework, bridges, surface treatment, welding, milling, bending and latheling. Currently we have four main routes:

  • Building construction Multi-storey buildings (including assembly of concrete) Hall buildings, Bridges and other types of steel constructions such as stairs and guardrails
  • Subcontracting of heavy welded constructions such as , chassis, masts, crane beams and hoisting beams for several different forklift manufacturers. 
  • Surface treatment, steel sand blasting and painting both our own and other clients products 
  • Industrial service of all types.


The things that distinguish us are : Oxy-fuel cutting, plasma-cutting, bending, metal cutting (latheling, milling, cutting), welding, SAW-welding, on-the-spot assembly and surface treatment (blasting and painting). These operations in conjuction with having a fully equipped workshop allows us to provide a complete service for our customers.

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AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet and Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB deliver services and products to a wide variety of industrial businesses. for example: heavy automotive industries, building industries and infrastructure industries. We consider ourselves to be able to offer services of all types. We are also certified according to the latest standards such as EN 1090-1 (EXC4) and ISO 3834.

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Over the years Bröderna Jansson AB and Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstad AB have had a wide range of projects. We have completed projects like: Bridges, industrial buildings, over head crane rails, multistoried buildings, assembly of concrete and subcontracting a.s.o.

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AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet

Metallvägen 2, Box 48
SE - 301 02 Halmstad

Tel. +46(0)35-17 66 60
Fax. +46(0)35-21 95 82
E-mail: nissavarvet@br-jansson.se

Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB

SE - 577 94 Lönneberga

Tel. +46(0)495-24 97 00
Fax. +46(0)495-24 97 10
E-mail: info@lonneberga-mek.se