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Products and services.

AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet and Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB are part of the same company group. Both Bröderna Jansson and LMV is complete mechanical workshops ready to handle everything from steelconstructions, subcontracting, industrial and building construction, multi-storey building framework, bridges surface treatment, welding, milling, bending, latheling.

Currently we have four main routes.

Building construction Multi-storey buildings (including assembly of concrete) hall buildings, bridges and other types of steel constructions such as stairs and guardrails a.s.o.
Subcontracting of heavier welded constructions such as, chassis, masts, booms for cranes. and hoisting beams for diffrent forklift manufacturers.

Surface treatment, Blasting and painting both our own products and clients products.

Industrial service of all types.

From blueprint to finished product

"Our speciality is adaptation and short lead times. Through experience and  a vast amount of different machinery we can undertake an outstanding variety of assignments" Says Olle Åkerblad and Lars Segge, Project managers at Bröderna Jansson.

Since we have everything needed to make the products under one roof we can make sure our clients dont have to wait long before they get too see the finished product. The workshop in Halmstad where we work with construction, subcontracting, industrial production and finishing is complemented perfectly by our subcontracting workshop in Lönneberga.

"Our goal is be the preferred and obvious choice for clients who need someone to go that extra mile to insure the best service and quality." says Lars Segge and Olle Åkerblad

Our willpower, the know how, the proper facilities and equipment, make us a reliable business partner.

AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet

Metallvägen 2, Box 48
SE - 301 02 Halmstad

Tel. +46(0)35-17 66 60
Fax. +46(0)35-21 95 82

Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB

SE - 577 94 Lönneberga

Tel. +46(0)495-24 97 00
Fax. +46(0)495-24 97 10