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Welding & SAW welding

All welding is carried out in accordance with SS-EN ISO 3834 and SS-EN1090-2. For the management of the welding, we have our own staff with knowledge that is needed to qualify for the supervision and guidance of welding, that requires extensive technical knowledge.

All welders are certified in accordance with SS-EN 287/ISO 9606. Mostly MAG welding with fluxcore wire, but also MMA, MIG and TIG. Operators are certified against SS-EN 1418/ SS-EN ISO 14732

SAW-welding - Halmstad
Submerged Arc Welding crane with two work areas that measure 15x3 m, with joint tracking. We also have wide variety of welding tractors.

SAW-welding - Lönneberga
SAW Portal welder, Welding of girders etc. max 12 m with joint tracking

Other welding equipment
Welding machine MIG / MAG, welding wire 0,8-1,6 mm. Normally fluxcored wire.
Welding tractors
Equipment used for joint preparation such as chamfering a.s.o.

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