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Blasting & surface treatment

Blasting with steel sand as blasting agent.
Surface treatment
Industrial finishing (wetpainting). Our products are delivered with the finish matching customer requests. 

In Halmstad we have surface treatment that consists of a wheel abrator that can handle up to 1500 mm wide and 750 mm high objects. Our blasting area is 15x5 meters, painting area  30x15 meters, 30x18 meters, the drying area 30x18 meters. we can paint items up to 56 meters long. The longest item delivered so far was the 54 meter long bridge beams for Flädie trafikplats E6. We use tumbling for smaller details..

Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstad has a surface treatment consisting of a Wheel abrator which can handle objects 1200 mm wide and 700 mm high. Paint box area is 6x5 meters, and  Grinding and milling hall that is 12x10 meters. Tumbling for smaller details. 

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