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Do you want to be our new coworker?

We are approximately a hundred Employees in the company. We work in small teams and mainly our employees work without continuos supervision, they are responsible for their performance and quality of their craftmanship. We at Bröderna Jansson strive to make all our employees feel like they are a part of the big picture and through that feel like "ambassadors" for the company. 

If this seems like something you would be interested in you are most welcome to send in your CV to us along with what type of work you would be interested in. We are always open for new experienced coworkers, since the experience of our new employees helps contribute to the development and success of our line of business.

Send your CV to:

Halmstad: AB BrödernaJansson - Nissavarvet

Lönneberga: Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB


AB Bröderna Jansson - Nissavarvet

Metallvägen 2, Box 48
SE - 301 02 Halmstad

Tel. +46(0)35-17 66 60
Fax. +46(0)35-21 95 82
E-mail: nissavarvet@br-jansson.se

Lönneberga Mekaniska Verkstads AB

SE - 577 94 Lönneberga

Tel. +46(0)495-24 97 00
Fax. +46(0)495-24 97 10
E-mail: info@lonneberga-mek.se